The Pen of the Year 2022 is inspired by the Aztecs, their culture, aesthetics and religious rituals. The rare gemstone turquoise was considered one of the most valuable treasures of the Aztecs. The blue-green stone was used as a decoration on knives, shields and masks. In the end piece of the barrel, as well as in the top of the cap, the turquoise is embedded in form of small discs. An engraving in the turquoise shows the eagle and the god of the dead adorned with feathers, reflecting the power and aesthetics associated with him. The charcoal-grey barrel of the Pen of the Year 2022, which has a diamond-like carbon coating, is adorned with countless small skulls, which are inspired by the walls found in Temple Mayor, which were built from skulls lined up in rows. The grip of the Pen of the Year 2022 is made of obsidian, a precious stone of volcanic origin. Thus, each Pen of the Year 2022, limited to 375 fountain pens and 125 rollerballs, is unique. According to prophecy, the Aztecs were to find their new home at the place where an eagle sitting on a cactus devours a snake. This cactus is embodied in the shape of the cap of the Pen of the Year 2022. The Aztecs settled in the place that is now known as one of the largest cities in the world: Mexico City. Plunger-type fountain pen with handmade 18-carat gold nib (ruthenium- coated, magnum sized). Cap has the shape of a cactus, with a very durable DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. The top of the cap is decorated with a turquoise gemstone, engraved with an eagle. Barrel end has a window through which the ink status can be seen. Delivered in a black, highly polished wooden box (including brochure and certificate of authenticity). Additional insert offers space for six more writing instruments