Fountain Pen Intuition Platino Fluted Black Fine - #156341


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The style of the Intuition series is unmistakable, with its characteristic trumpet shape, the ribbed surface of the end cap, and the spring-loaded clip. Elegant as ever, but with a somewhat thicker barrel, the Intuition Platino makes its mark. The words “Handmade in Germany” are engraved in the platinum-plated ring that decorates the open end of the platinum-plated cap. Barrel is made of a single piece of material so that no screw joint interrupts the pure shape. Cartridge/converter system that slides gently out of the barrel on turning the end cap. Magnum sized hand-made bicolored 18-carat gold nib with iridium tip, "run in" by hand. Manufacturing process involves over a hundred steps, most of them carried out by hand.