The Pen of the Year 2021 is inspired by medieval knights, their heroes, myths and legends. In those days, the strongest prevailed, therefore skillful sword fighting and the nature of his weapons played a central role in a knight’s life. Every one of the 375 fountain pens and 125 rollerball pens in this limited Pen of the Year edition is truly unique. The cap of the Pen of the Year is reminiscent of the delicate structure of a knight's protective chain mail which allowed optimal mobility with maximum protection. Its matte, anthracite-grey surface, refined with a resistant PVD titanium coating, is characterized – like the steel mesh during use – by a light shimmering effect. A precious, deep red garnet gemstone embodying light and truth is set with a sunray cut in the Pen of the Year’s end piece. The extraordinary qualities of the sword, essential for rapid combat, were achieved through repeated welding and folding of different types of steel, creating an iridescent, undulating pattern. The barrel of the Pen of the Year 2021 is made of steel with these same characteristics. In the Middle Ages, so-called blood grooves provided further stability in swords with the lowest possible weight. The barrel of the fountain pen also features two grooves – making its outline appear even more elegant and dynamic. All writing instruments are individually numbered. Delivered in a black, highly polished wooden box (including brochure and certificate of authenticity). Additional insert offers space for six more writing instruments.