Perfect Pencil - 260th Anniversary Edition - #118535


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To mark Faber-Castell's 260th anniversary, Graf von Faber-Castell presents an exclusive interpretation of the Perfect Pencil – the classic pencil that can write, sharpen and erase. The pencil itself is deep black and the metal parts have an anthracite-colored PVD coating. The decorative engraving of stylized pencils on the cap, which also doubles as an extender, just like on the historic model, is a delicate reference to the company’s roots. Finally, a real jewel gleams on the top of the cap: an artistically faceted jade stone. In Far Eastern mythology, the shimmering green gemstone represents both lived tradition and a promising future – ideal for an anniversary that pays tribute to the merits of the past as well as the exciting challenges of the present. Limited to 750 pieces.